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Train your vocal cords to create a wide and good voice.
Thorough guidance so that you can sing well!
Study music knowledge!
Train your expressiveness!

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3-3: 45pm    5-10 years old (all levels)

4-4: 45pm   Adult easy (Karaoke band level)

5-6pm          9 years old and over-adult (real singer level)


Online only


$ 16 ~ (20 points)

Free for the first time

Miyuki Class Monthly Unlimited Adaptation


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Miyuki sensei



MIYUKI started singing when she was 10 years old at her church as a choir member.


She became a conductor of the chapel choir at Seinan-Gakuin University. That brought her to the first recording session for nascent hymn of national publication.

When she visited her professor at Cambridge University, she Joined BBC Radio live recording as well. 


She started her own gospel group, performing for weddings and other events throughout southern Japan. 


Miyuki also was joined by two other singers and created a singing and dancing group called 'Girls-Trap’s', 'Vivi and M', 'M and Nagisa',  performed for TV, radio, events.


After she moved to the US in 1999, Miyuki joined a gospel choir of First AME Church. 


She also became a vocal entertainer for Benihana restaurant openings, and traveled around in US for their celebrations.  She also performed for some shows of Minyo Japanese folk music with Matsutoyo kai. 

She directed a musical for ‘Miracle Kids’ in 2010 and sakura CATS musical in 2013. which is a group of special needs (disability) children and their friends and family. She teaches musical at Sakura Theatre.


She performs with her band for opening act every year for Nisei Week Grand Parade which is the biggest Japanese American parade in the US.

She has voice training and singing classes online with WAVE studio