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Voice & Vocal


Musical, J-Pop, R & B, classical music, folk songs, gospel, opera


◎ Vocalization method

◎ Breathing method

◎ Scale practice

◎ Vocal technology

◎ Musical Grammar

Train your vocal cords to create a wide and good voice.
Thorough guidance so that you can sing well!
Study music knowledge!
Train your expressiveness!

Sing to your heart's content to relieve stress!




We have a private class



<Three times a month>

3-3: 45pm    5-10 years old (all levels)

4-4: 45pm   Adult easy (Karaoke band level)

5-6pm          9 years old and over-adult (real singer level)


Online only


$ 16 ~ (20 points)

Free for the first time

Miyuki Class Monthly Unlimited Adaptation


・ Photographing SNS posting OK




1クラス $40 

​トーランス・ホームスタジオ or Zoomオンライン


日程・時間・場所・曲目 要相談

$90 +交通費