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Free enrollment

Account registration page


(Or click the class you want to enroll on the schedule page to register )

(Japanese can be selected from the flag mark on the upper right)

Create a login account

  1. Account name is email address

  2. Name is account holder Own name (guardian)

  3. Set password

  4. Fill in the student information on the form


Press Send

How to Buy Credit

Go to Schedule page

(Please bookmark this link or save to your desktop)


① Log in 

(Your Email address is your account name)


② Go to  'Your Settings'

or when you try to make 'new attendance', 'Buy Credit' will come up.



  1. Choose the class you mainly take
    monthly unlimited


  2. click blue button for Credit Card payment


  3. Fill out the Information and click、
    ’Pay $...’


  4. Your credit point will be automatically added to your account

How to Book your attendance

All Class is Appointment only


If the class doesn't have minimum appointment of attendance, the class will be canceled.

Each class minimum number is depends on teachers. 


Go to Schedule page

(Please bookmark this link or save to your desktop)



① Log in 

(Your Email address is your account name)


② Choose 'Studio Class'




③ Click the class you would like to attend




④ Click 'Create New Attendance'



( If you are out of the credit, please go 'Buy Credit' )



⑤ Write the student name teacher can recognize in the box of ’First name or Nickname’




*'Quantity' is number of attendees when you have more than one student.
(if you don't fill out, it will be 1 automatically)


*If you like to have a confirmation email, click 'Confirm'


*If you would like to have recurring attendance, click 'Repeat'

then choose the date you can attend.




⑥ click 'Create attendance' 





Please email Miyuki at if you would like to ask to make an attendance appointment on your behalf.


How to Delete your attendance reservation

You can cancel our attendance 4 hours before the class at the schedule site.

Once your cancel the class 4 hours ahead, the credit will return to your account automatically.

The credit can not be returned after 4 hours ahead of the class, except in special cases.

Please email and let us know when you can not attend the class anyway.





 ↓↓↓How to cancel/delete your attendance↓↓↓


① Log in


Click the class you would like to delete your reservation.

(Or click the class from your Agenda tab)



② Click the Note Pad mark on the right of your reservation.


③ Click Delete Attendance 


The credit will be back to your account automatically.



***Please Email and ask Miyuki if you would like us to do it.***

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