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Tuning fork frequency

Reading & Healing

What is a tuning fork? ..

A U-shaped steel rod with a handle attached to the center tip. It produces a sound by hitting it, and is used for experiments on sound resonance and frequency, and for matching the sound of musical instruments.

Our body is made up of each tissue vibrating at a unique frequency. Every cell has a unique wave motion.These vibrations are often disturbed in our daily lives. There are various causes such as stress, disorder of lifestyle, injury and illness.


In tuning fork therapy, a specific tuning fork is corrected and the wave motion is adjusted by promoting frequency resonance and synchronization in the vicinity of those disturbed parts and in the disturbed energy field that is the cause of the disturbance.

The power of the tuning fork can act not only directly on the body but also on the etheric body, astral body, and cozar body, and has a profound effect on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. It is expected to have the effect of removing the stagnation accumulated in the body, mind, and energy field, and bringing about the metabolism and activity of the entire energy.


After adjusting the frequency in the treatment, we will talk about not appearing in reading.

First treatment

Zoom-$ 99

Face-to-face-$ 111

Second and subsequent treatments

Zoom-$ 55
Face-to-face-$ 88

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