When attending a class in the studio

COVID-19 Measures/Cautions

  • Classes of 3 or more are offered in rental studios of a size suitable for the number of people.

  • Please bring a mini bag for masks and drinking water. Keep your belongings at a distance.

  • The teacher will do the sanitization, but if you are still worried, please bring your own disinfectant wipe and wipe your standing position, touching place, bar etc. yourself.

  • No one touches the electric switch except the teacher. Even when I leave the toilet, I still ask for it.

  • Wear a cloth mask when entering or exiting the studio. Wearing a mask during exercise from July 1st.

  • Open 6 feet and enter one person at a time.
    (Don't hurry to open the space and wait in line. We recommend waiting in the car until the congestion is over.)

  • I will try to generate heat when I enter the room. Those who have a fever cannot take classes.
    (If you have a fever, we will leave, so we will contact you. Parents can wait for a few minutes in the car after the drop.)

  • Change shoes when entering the studio. No shoes outside

  • "6Feet entry/exit" between classes
    "Venue floor and bar sanitization"

    I will do it.
    Therefore, between the class and the class is open for more than 5 minutes.

  • Classes are conducted with the support of the teacher to stand 6 feet away.

  • ​Ballever doesn't touch until your teacher tells you.

  • Those who are sick or who are sick within 2 weeks cannot attend

  • Those who participate in the demonstration or event within 2 weeks cannot attend

  • Parents cannot wait in the studio. Drop off please.

  • ​You cannot change clothes in the studio. Please wear lesson clothes and come.

  • Students cannot touch each other, including hugging, shaking hands, and touching elbows.

  • Please come to the studio with your hands clean.

  • We recommend washing your hands and wiping with a hand wipe before riding in a car.

  • After returning home, please wash your hands and gargling firmly. We recommend salt and gargle.

  • Whether the studio class, rental of studio location, capacity is different by the class.
    Please check with each class.

  • If even one person is infected from the studio, all studio classes will be cancelled.

    Please note all the above rules individually.
    Tell your child to make loud noises, not to touch the teacher, not to touch anything in the studio, and be 6 feet away.

What is Wave Studio

Wave Studio is aimed at students of all ages and abilities,

A place for everyone for the purpose of mental and physical and energy health, education and experience .

Currently operated as a NPO (non-profit organization school corporation). (Under approval)

Participation in classes and workshops

Online appointments are all appointments.

Because the office is Gardena, who misuse in the studio asks you for a reservation.

Program content:

Various yoga classes, ballet classes, dance classes (jazz, hip hop, contemporary, etc.), fitne classes, posture correction classes, karate, calligraphy writing classes, vocal classes, music classes, reiki certificate classes, healing spiritual fairs, healing sessions, etc. Arts & Crafts Workshop, Family Retreat Tour, Studio Rent

The owner, Miyuki Matsunaga, is a performing artist (geta dance art) who is active on the world stage mainly in America and Europe, actress, singer, moderator, yoga teacher, dance teacher, vocal teacher, artist, art. Lecturer, acting lecturer. www.miyukiart.com

He holds a bachelor's degree in child education and a curator of a museum curator. In Japan, moved to America as a representative of Japan with professional dancers, talents, and MC dances.

Acquired the International Yoga Alliance Therapist Reiki Master certification in the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh, India and California.

A tuning fork therapist master/wave adviser who uses chakras, meridians, Solfeggio tuning forks and kinesiology to read human energy and body and mind frequencies. www.miyukiyoga.com

New classes, workshops, summer camps and events are available upon request.

Please feel free to let us know your wishes.



Irregular class

Audition skills

dancing in purple pants
100% pass rate
High school dance club audition guidance

Spiritual energy work

Certified Reiki Master
Certified Certificate
音叉周波数ヒーリング 教科書目次.jpg

It will be performed in the healing room or remote healing



Wave Studio

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at PCH Center

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